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For about a month I haven't been able to play BF3 with my GTX 670 (windforce) after a while the game just minimises itself and I can't go back in. Now the time taken for this to happen is proportional to the graphics settings, on medium it can last for about 30 mins but on ultra it usually crashed in 5 mins. Furthermore, recently before each crash I get artefacts sort of bit pixels of primary colours then it goes back to normal and then crashes in a couple of seconds. Also I noticed the other day that I was getting these while watching stuff on youtube as well, so I turned off hardware acceleration and that is ok.

Concerning the BF3 issue, I've tried every driver, underclocked the GPU, increased virtual adress space and nothing has had a lasting effect.

So is my card faulty?

Rest of my PC specs

i5 750 @ 2.81ghz (Was at 3.8 but i downclocked it to rule out the CPU as being why BF3 was crashing)
32 bit Windows 7
4GB Ram
Asus Xonar DG
Corsair 650W PSU

Thanks in advance for help :)
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  1. What are the temperatures when it minimizes?
  2. The peak was at around 60


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  3. 60 is GPU or CPU?
  4. GPU I'll go on BF3 in a bit to try and find the CPU temp when it minimises
  5. CPU temperature was at 55 when it crashed. I also noticed these black squares appearing which increased in size before the crash.
  6. Do you have a camera or a phone with a camera? It would help if you could film how the crash occurs.
  7. Well I just managed to play a few games on ultra with no crashes how weird. In the first match though I did get some weird artifacting but I didn't manage to record it properly. I'll keep trying and post some footage when I have some good video.
  8. Thanks, I'm suspecting a damaged card but I cannot be certain until I see how those artifacts look like.
  9. Hi I haven't been able to emulate the severe artefacting I was having earlier but I did manage to get a screen shot

  10. That's what I was afraid of. The graphics card memory is damaged. I'd call the warranty.
  11. Ok thanks for your help.
  12. Hmm, I think this might be an overheating issue, I just put my fans on full blast and was able to play BF3 for quite a while without any issues
  13. Sure, the problems will be more severe on higher temperatures, but they shouldn't start at 60°C. If it artifacts at those temperatures, the card is faulty.
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