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Hello I am making a gaming pc build mainly for pc gaming
Uses: pc gaming, websurfing
Main games :BF3 CS:GO Diablo 3 Guild Wars 2
I already have the operating system , mouse, keyboard and monitor
I would be using this pc on a 1080p led hdtv
The thing is tht i already made a pc list and found this one on newegg with generally the same parts i was gonna make and wanted to know what you people think about it, all help would be appreciated :D

Here is the link
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    Not a bad kit. Newegg is usually fair on the prices of their DIY kits, and that seems pretty fair.

    They also use Rosewill power supplies, which are also not too bad. So you're good there.

    Just make sure to get an OS.
  2. But price wise this is good right? And i couldn't really make a better pc for the price?
  3. And ignoring that borderlands 2 is free
  4. Well I mean you could make it cheaper, but it wouldn't be worth the hassle.
  5. The price is good and all the components are reasonable enough quantity that there's no reason to avoid this deal. The only thing I would point out is that it's a microATX motherboard, so you don't have as many expansion slots as you'd get with a full ATX board. If you're OK with that then go for it.

    Deemo13 said:
    Well I mean you could make it cheaper, but it wouldn't be worth the hassle.

    I think the only way he'd get it cheaper is to downgrade component quality or if he has a Microcenter nearby.
  6. I have a M-ATX board, and I don't see it as a drawback.

    The only reason I would get a fullsize is because it looks better.
  7. The one I just bought, yesterday, is similar to this build.
    $1050 after rebates, tax, and shipping.

    But it has SSD, 16GB Ram, Keyboard, less HDD (Lets admit... it's incredibly hard to even use 750GB of hard space), better video card, a bit better motherboard.

    But other than that... their price seems almost the same.
  8. Thanks alot guys you have been very helpful, but i am wondering, are these parts compatable with eachother?
  9. Yea it should work just fine.
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