HD 7970 vs Hd 7950

Which one should I get?

Both are Gigabyte WF cards

Will be playing on a single 1080p monitor

HD 7950 3GB - 308€ OR HD 7970 3GB - 370€

+ you get 3 games when you buy a 7900-series card :)

So which one should I get? :D
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  1. @Above: Euros!!!

    Ok man, I would suggest the 7970. But maybe there are better prices, where are you from?
  2. 7950 is definitely a better buy price/performance-wise, but I bought my 7970 because it was just so tempting. At 1080p you wont notice a difference between the cards, but you absolutely need to overclock 7900 cards. If you wont overclock then a gtx 670/680 would be a better choice.
  3. well the 7970 is better...
  4. Here's a benchmark. Just find the resolution you'll be playing at and decide for yourself...

  5. From Finland but will most likely buy from Germany :)
  6. I have the HIS IceQ 7950 (the Turbo model of which is rated highest in performance on TH among the 7950's, the only difference being that it comes factory OC'd to 900Mhz) and I'm not disappointed at all. I have it OC'd to 1000Mhz/1350Mhz (temps stay under 60ºC w/full load) without any voltage adjustment which is almost at the level of 7970 but for $110 less. Boom.
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