GTX 560 Bottleneck/ FPS lag in game

Hello. Recently, I've been getting a lot of FPS lag(drops from 60 to around 45), and it makes my game extremely choppy and unbearable. All of my system components are new except for the graphics card, which is a Nvidia GTX 560.

i5-3570k 3.4GHz
ASRock Z77 Extreme-4
Nvidia GTX 560
500GB WD Caviar Blue
8GB 1600MHz RAM

Any help? Is it most likely the GPU?
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  1. You should say what games you are playing, what resolution and settings, and what kind of power supply you have. It's possible you are just playing fairly demanding games and less than optimal performance is normal.
  2. League of Legends, 650W PSU.

    1680x1050 Res
    High Character/Terrain settings
  3. Hmm, League of Legends shouldn't be too taxing.

    Is the GTX 560 a Ti model? If not then yes a GTX 560 isn't anything more than highly overclocked GTX 460 then you shouldn't expect miracles from it. If hovewer it is a Ti model then I believe it shouldn't be getting below 50 on any modern game especially on a res of 1680x1050, unless of course the usual suspects (metro 2033, Crysis)
  4. go to windows update and see what they have that your system lacks.
  5. Are you saying that you have recently updated every component and re-used the GTX 560 from an older system (everything else new)?

    Did you clean install windows?

    Wonder if it could be the video card drivers.
  6. That's just League of Legends. It doesn't work how it's intended. I can run it on maximum settings at 1080p 60fps, on a single gtx465.
  7. See if the GPU/CPU is overheating, clean the GPU the fans might be covered in dust and update chipset/video/audio drivers just to make sure! If that doesn't help then I am out of ideas.
  8. im playing lol with my ofice desktop, its a pentium dual core 2.0ghz and its IGP just can run 30fps at 1024x720 res... Even with my personal rig (signature spec) at 1600x900 im getting over 100 fps with everything maxed up... that is not a demanding game, start looking for drivers updates, maybe a check of your PSU when its stresed the power could fail...
  9. @ CBag - Clean windows installed, Drivers are up-to-date.
    @ DamZe - GPU/CPU both hover around 110 Fahrenheit.
    @ Rsktek - This is happening with MW3, also, unless I lower graphics to the point that they suck really badly.
    Hopefully it's just the GPU, I've been meaning to get a 670 for a little while.
  10. Download MSI afterburner and monitor GPU clocks and usage when the lags occur.
  11. Will do. I cleaned out my PC for dust, and installed a fan I didn't even know existed.

    MSI afterburner is next
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