I love/hate computers...

So I bought all my components from newegg recommended by this site http://www.informatics-tech.com/build-a-cheap-400-dollar-gaming-computer-2012.html

I did get the Radeon HD 6670 instead of the GPU they recommended. I hooked everything up exactly as directed. I power it up and there is no beep, everything is running (hard drive, fans, GPU, lights), and the monitor goes into sleep mode as if there is no response from the motherboard.

I hate computers. I love them, but I hate them with a passion.

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  1. :/ check with another cord

    also it could be the mobo...

    also check your psu
  2. Everything is brand-spanking-new. The last time I got a motherboard it had the same response to the monitor, but it was with all old components. I ended up sending the motherboard back.

    This time I have all new components and it appears that I have the same problem. Maybe my house is haunted by a computer-hating poltergeist.
  3. I guess I should clarify on the beeps...there are no beeps because there isn't a speaker for them to take place on the motherboard. There is a plug for the speaker, but it didn't come with a speaker. For all I know it could be loading up just fine, aside from the monitor having no response. I'm about go office space on this p.o.s.
  4. lol... THEM DAMN POLTERGEIST!! :lol:

    you should have onboard graphics, tty those it could be the gpu
  5. actually maybe not with the AMD... do you have any other gpu you can test in the system?
  6. You DID go through these steps http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/261145-31-perform-steps-posting-post-boot-video-problems before making this post right? RIGHT?
  7. I plugged an extra power cable from the psu to the mobo and all of the sudden the monitor popped up. Maybe it needed to extra juice?
  8. I don't think that cabe was optional :D
  9. so basically you didn't read the instruction for the motherboard.
  10. LOL... so what then was it the ATX or the 24 pin mobo power?
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