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AMD Phenom II X4 965 at 28c

Hi,I wanted to ask if my CPU temp is okay,I am concerned that my cooler isn't good enough for my new CPU.When I am not playing any games it is at 28c and on full load it gets around 38c. Are these temps what to expect? or should I get another cooler?

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  1. those temps are fine, unless u want to overclock or like lower temps u could and itd be a cm hyper 212 evo in push pull, ull get maybe 5c less on idle maybe, so not rlly worth going to. If u still had stock cooling id do it. Unless again u feel the cooling isnt sufficient go ahead and get a different cooler.

    A xigmatek dark knight II cools slightly better than a H100 in push pull, and very similar with the fan that comes with it, its around $50, and the evo is like $30

    Temp limit i think is like 65c or something so ur more than good with ur current cooler
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    Those temps are more than fine they are very low.
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