AMD-4500M vs Intel Core i3-2365


I need help with my CPUs! I am pretty clueless when it comes to computers but have been trying to get to grips with processor units... I want a laptop that will be able to keep lots of files open and once and run nice and quickly even when there's lots going on... I don't play games and I don't edit videos or anything, so not that bothered about GPU. Can anyone help me with which would be the better processor for me?

I don't know where processor speed fits with this but the AMD is 1.9GHz vs the i3's 1.4GHz... Is this important?

Thanks so much for your help.
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  1. Core i3-2365 is the best choice and it only consumes 17 W compared to 35 W on AMD 4500M.
  2. I am SO GRATEFUL! Thanks for helping me. Be very blessed. x
  3. i3 has more power for shur.

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