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Hi Folks,

Can any of you folks reccomend the best single card for 2560 x 1440 gaming for use with my dell U2711 display?

I've been told SLI and Crossfire is the way to go but due to my PC being a hybrid of Mac OSX and Windows (OSX not support SLI) I need to have a single card.

How does the GTX 680 / 690 perform at this resolution?

Games I'm looking to play

FFXIV 2.0 (When released)

Mainly MMO type games but I do like the odd FPS now and then.

CPU I'm running an i72600k with 16GB Ram.
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  1. evga gtx 670 superclocked 4gb should give you the best and most efficient performance. Gtx 690 is powerful but 2gb ram would be a limiting factor. The hd7970 ghz edition does pretty well at that resolution too. Sapphire toxic is an ideal gpu you can overclock it all they way to 1200mhz+
  2. just grab a vanilla 7970 and overclock it
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