Can a desk lamp damage my monitor through heat?

I put a clamp-on little lamp on the top part of my monitor for reading at my desk, and I've noticed that it gets very hot around the lamp.
I'm concerned if this can damage my monitor?
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  1. This shouldn't be an issue unless it's getting so hot you can't touch it.
  2. Well the lamp, yes. The metal part, anyway, and I think that's common for these types of lamps. I'm only concerned about the monitor I'm clamping this onto.
  3. Is the part the lamp is attached to extremely hot? Hot as in it's uncomfortable to tough or just slightly warm?
  4. It's attached to the plastic border of the monitor, and it only gets just warm.
    But... I'm probably phrasing myself poorly.
    These lamps they emit heat the same way as light, in a cone away from the lamp. So even though the clamp attached to the monitor is not getting hot my concern is that since part of it is shining at the monitor will that damage the screen.

    For example, if I put my hand right in front of the lamp (not touching it) it gets uncomfortably hot pretty quickly.
  5. In that case there shouldn't be any issues at all. Your fine.
  6. Thanks for your help :)
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