Can my power supply run this graphics card?

The gpu is a nvidia geforce 630

My power supply is Intex Power Supply Expert IT-20F1BC
500 watt:20 4 Pin; 1 Sata; 3 HDD; 1FDD; 1 FAN
AC input: 220V 50Hz 5A
DC output: 3.3V:30A 5V:30A 12V:20A
-12V:0.5A 5VSB:2A

Thanks in advance!
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  1. That is an older design PSU (newer PSU's have more amperage on the 12v rails) but with 240W possible from your 12v rail and the card only needing 65W (according to NVidia here ) you should be able to run it. Note that your PSU is not reported to be of high quality as this translated article states and might not be able put out the stated amperage continually especially if it has been used a bit. Theoretically it should work though
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    The GeForce GT 630 is just a rebadged GeForce GT 440. They both use the same Fermi GF108 GPU.

    That graphics card should draw less than 5 Amps from the +12V rail even while running GPU stress testing.

    If your Intex Power Supply Expert IT-20F1BC is actually able to output a continuous 20 Amps on its +12V rail then it meets the minimum power supply requirements. If the 20 Amps is a peak specification and not a continuous specification then it becomes doubtful.
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