Intel i7-3770k v.s. Xeon E5-2620

Why intel i7-3770k is better than Xeon E5-2620? but the Xeon is more expensive!!

price: about 320$USD
model: intel i7-3770k
socket: LGA 1155
cores: 4/8
cache: 8MB L3
clock: 3.5Ghz
lithography: 22nm

price: about 430$USD
model: intel Xeon E5-2620
socket: LGA 2011
cores: 6/12
cache: 15MB L3
clock: 2.0Ghz
lithography: 32nm
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  1. The Xeon processor is designed for much greater parallel loads. Most people will say the 3770 is better because they're talking about it in regards to gaming. Which only really needs decent IPC and a few (see: 2-4) cores.

    It's not that either one is better. They're just designed for different jobs.
  2. that is because xeon is the server end processor and it offers
    higher memory support 750 gb vs 32 gb of the i7,
    higher memory band width 42.6 vs 25.6 for i7
    4 memory channels vs 2 in the i7.
    xeon offers 40 PCIE 3.0 express lanes and the i7 offers 16.
    not to mention 15 mb l3 in xeon vs 8 in i7


    for diff between QPI (Xeon) and DMI (i7):

    So the xeon is overall a more powerful cpu in terms of the hardware that it can support and run though it's clocked considerably lower.
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