45 degree far Cry 3

At last i bought core i5 3570 :pt1cable: So far blown by performance after upgrading from a E7300.Temp idle is 31-32 an gaing 45 degre max on core 1[hottest core]...so do i need more cooling or am I good with stock? Ambient temp is 29
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  1. You're perfectly fine there, no need to upgrade cooling IMO
  2. +1 for Friedman....your temps are excellent. no need to change the cooling. You cpu core's maximum attainable temp before it start throttling is around 100 C. If you'd said your max load temp is below 70 C gaming, I'd have still told you you are fine :)
  3. My i5 3570k idles at 42c, you're fine.
  4. C12Friedman said:
    You're perfectly fine there, no need to upgrade cooling IMO
    +1 i agree ;)
  5. You can check if your cooler is good enough by downloading prime95 and run a stress test, it would likely show you that the stock cooler by intel is utterly crap.

    IF you were to upgrade, then I can recommend the Seidon 120M. I'm using an i5-3570 too and the cooling performance compared to the price is just insane.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOYJoRc1Ci8 - I tried my best to make a review on it. Take a look.

    The Intel Stock cool reached 87 celcius and the Seidon 120m only reached 59 celsius in my tests at 100% load. The intel stock cooler was running at 100% and the Seidon 120m only at 74%. If you would like cooler temperatures and lower noise then you should look for a better cooler.
  6. You're good at that, no need to up the cooling until you start clocking
  7. No, u don't need to change your cooler. 45 degrees under far cry 3's load is "insanely" fine hahaha. Perfectly fine. I'm using i5-2500K at 4GHz using my stock cooler too for 1.5 years now. Using prime95 I can reach 80 degrees, but under so many games load it is only 64 degrees max (far cry 3 can only bring my temp up to 61 degrees).
  8. Ok update: NFS MW 2012 Core 1=56.But from your suggestions I guess I am fine..Thanks a lot
  9. Well is FC3 the most stressful thing you put your CPU up against? If so then no need to upgrade. And also no need to overclock. When you start doing CPU intensive tasks then monitor the temps and make a decision then.

    I have yet to see my CPU load go over 50% in FC3 and it stays around 25% most of the time.
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