Macs are overpriced? I think not.

Ok so many people are saying that Macs are overpriced for the specs they give. i beg to differ. anyone, i dare ANYONE to make a windows based machine, with the same/ or similar specs to the base model of the 2011 imac 21.5in. now before you start, the reason people think imacs are more expensive then building your own is, they forget that the iMac comes with a WIFI CARD, a BLUETOOTH CARD, a 21.5 INCH IPS DISPLAY, SPEAKERS, A BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD/MOUSE, A HD WEBCAM and most importantly, AN OPERATING SYSTEM. Now keeping that in mind i dare anybody to build a windows based machine with the same or similar specs to the imac. here ill list the imac specs for you just to make things easier

21.5 inch ips display 1080p
wireless b/g/n card
bluetooth (3.0/4.0 i forget)
BT Mouse
BT Keyboard
Intel i5 2400s
4GB Ram 2x2GB
Motherboard with THUNDERBOLT PORT
a 500gb hdd 5400rpm
an operating system
a slot loading DVD drive
an Aluminum Case
any decent psu,
a gtx6750m (whatever the desktop equivilant is, 6650 i think)

i just tried on newegg. i came up with 1311.86USD, and the iMac 21.5 inch is 1199.99USD

not trying to pick a fight, but i just want to see if there really is a way to build a similar of a machine with the same spec list as the imac. cause i believe there is not, and iMacs are NOT overpriced.
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