Cant get 4th monitor to work on 680 graphics card.

I am trying to get my surround view + accessory display to work on my single GTX 680 card. I followed the online NVIDIA instructions. Here is what I have.

3 Asus VE247H monitors, 2 of them are on the DVI ports, one is on the HDMI port. The 4th monitor is my Samsung TV which is plugged into the display port using a Display port to HDMI converter. No matter what way I plug them all in, the second I plug the Samsung TV in, it breaks suround view, and when I go to set it back up, the control pannel will only set up surround view with the Samsung TV instead of the three Asus monitors.

Please help as I have been pounding my head against a wall for hours trying to figure this out.
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  1. Did you try doing Display port to HDMI connector to one of the monitors instead of the TV?
  2. I have tried multiple options including those. Nothing seems to work. It seems that whatever port the Samsung TV is plugged into, the card wants to use the TV for surround view instead of my 3 monitors. I cant get the Card to actually use a 4th monitor.
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