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i started my wifes computer up after bout 5 days or so to add a new mouse to her computer and it worked jus fine i logged into diablo 3 played for 5 secs or so the boom display time wrapped and comp shut off disconn everything removed 6570 gpu checked it all looks good placed back in and now comp starts and is running as of rite now but no display tried hdmi tried vga to no provail any suggestions on wat it could b would b greatly appreciated we got guilds wars 2 comin out soon and i need this damn thing to work properly or else she gonna use mine and i dont want that too happen so cpu runnin gpu runnin currently on hdmi wit no signal ty in advance
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  1. Have you tried updating drivers or something? It could be related to that.
  2. i tried that last nite its runnin 12.6 so thats up to date i dont kno it its somethin wrong with the cpu or if its somethin with the gpu cuz afta tryin a game last nite it shut off and i havent been able to get video since imma try and put it in my computer and see if its that gpu or somethin else
  3. Yeah, do that and try. I have a computer with that error too.. It says VGA adapter, instead of detecting graphics card. But , what OS do you have? I have the error because i formatted and changed to windows xp.
  4. do you have an onboard graphcs

    have you checked your bios if your video is set to pci
  5. if it not the video may have been unlucky and the power supply lost the 12v leg. crappy or cheap power supply will do that when there put under load...they fail. you may have had a cheap ps die on you.
  6. intel daul core processor amd radeon 6570 400 watts psu zotac mb jus cant do nething with it due to no display tried on other tvs diff conns nothing is working
  7. if i had a cheap psu would the computer still boot up and i cant tell wat the bios is set at becuase i get no display at all eveon on bootup psu still powering on cpu still on gpu fan runnin so i believe everything is still turnin on jus not gettin any picture ive tried the gpu on my other comp with no luck tried a diff gpu on the bad comp to no provail all i kno is it worked yesterday until i logged in and played a round of diablo then it jus stopped shut down and no longer can get a dislpay so thought the card was bad but even another gpu should work so i dunno wats goin on wonderin if it was my mb but dont think it would still boot up if the mb was bad
  8. still no fix thinkin the gpu is bad hopefully i can get reimburesed which i doubt
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