About 4 months ago give or take i bought the components the build my PC meant for gaming.

Motherboard: ASUS P8Z77-V PRO
Ram: Kingston 16GB DDR3 1600MHz (4x4) HyperX
Cpu: Intel Core i5-3570K Ivy Bridge
Power Supply: SilverStone ST85F-P 850W

and several cooling fans with the intend to overglock.

----------------Skip this section to get to the question, it is background information in case some of you can spot something i did not-----------------------------------------------------

Now my computer ran without problems except when it came to gaming. We are talking Far Cry 3, TF2. Arma 2 had no issues for some reason unknown to me.

When i say problems i mean the screen going black and the computer crashing

With these problems occuring i began tweaking everything. assuming its was the temperature or voltage on my cpu i began strees testing while monitoring temperature. 3 hours of max strees testing with the 3570 overglocked to 4.5 GZ gave no issues making me supsect my gpu.

In any case my gpu or cpu was not overheating, newer going above 69 Celcius or 45 for the gpu and if im not a complete fool 850w should be more than enough power


Now it broke completly recently after a crash reset and going to bios. I whent through the process of eliminating components.

-- Removing the gpu and plugging directly into the motherboard still yielded no signal
-- Doing the same after resetting bios (removing the internal battery for an hour)
-- Booting it up with minimal ammount of components, cpu, 1 block of ram and the internal gpu
-- Setting in a new proccesor


My final result here is that the motherboard whent bad (by my hand i expect)

now i have both a new cpu and a new motherboard. I have 2 questions

1: Im not sure my older cpu is damage, but if so, would it do damage to install it into my new motherboard?

2: Any recommendations of the ammount of cooling paste i should use. Ive bin using a thin layer before covering the entire surface, but would like to hear some advice.

And yes im aware of static discharge
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  1. 1: No, it wouldn't damage your board (it just simply won't work)

    2: I use a rice/pea size bead on the center of the processor. Everyone has their own ways, but that is one of the more recommended ways of doing it.
  2. +1 for phyco just to add to his suggestion:

    those instructions are valid for most other thermal compounds as well as their application depends more on their respective class/type than brand.

    "claim" I hope your next post will be more than just an advert for a sig. :).
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