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What would you recommend for a Windows Based PC for Gaming Development for a small company of 25 people? I was considering Windows 8 platform?
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  1. Either windows 7 or 8 is fine.win 8 is new is faster
  2. Windows 8 does seem to run a bit faster, but windows 7 is more familiar to most people.

    For game developing I would go virtual as well since you need data collaboration and depending on the game in development you need allot of power on hand.
  3. Windows 8 feels ridiculously unorganized. Scrolling to the right for all of your "apps" and it looks like a big throw up of crap. It's essentially like having a desktop with way too many icons on it. Yes, you can pin it to your front screen, but also I doubt all 25 of your workers are going to want to use it. My IT friends have rolled back to 7.
  4. I have a new build in the works with a touch screen monitor and Windows 8. I would be really interested in seeing games developed around a touch screen PC.
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