FX-8150 Heat Issue !!!!!

Hello, I have just recently noticed that my FX-8150 has been hitting over 70c when playing BF3 on ultra.

I have read that the MAX safe CPU temp is 61c! My Idle temp is around 27c after a days use.

I had a Antec 302 case with the following specs:

Motherboard - GA-990-FXA-UD3
PSU - 1050w
Ram - 8gb Kingston
GPU - GTX 560ti
CPU - FX-8150 NOT OC
7200rpm Hardrive

I decided to upgrade the case to a Thermaltake Overseer RX-I
This increased the cooling by a small amount to about 69c while playing bf3 on ultra.

The cooler on my CPU is not stock, but I am unsure of what it is as it was given to me.

I was thinking of getting the Noctua NH-D14 All-In-One Extreme Performance CPU Cooler.

Would this keep the temps down ?

I used CORE TEMP to see my temps & i also used other programs with not much of a difference.

If it is hard too understand, please reply and I will verify it.

Thanks in advance :)
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    yes the nh-d14 is one of the best out there and will massively bring down your temps.
    Also it may be worth it to see if your cooler is properly seated and reapply some thermal paste.
    Also Try using another monitoring software like speedfan just to double check
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  3. Thanks man :)
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