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Hi. Wasn't sure what category to post under as I didn't see one for just hardware or audio.

I have a custom build here which was not done by me. According to, the front audio ports NEVER worked from day 1 but the onboard sound was okay. So about a week ago, the onboard audio failed. He popped in a sound card, seems to be working okay for me. He says that failed after a week, too.

I reformatted the system which he wanted done anyway, double checked the on board audio (it is gone). Installed correct drivers for new sound card, disabled on board audio from the BIOS. Sound card is Working fine for me. But the front audio I still can't get working. I double cheked the connection from the front audio panel to the motherboard and it's def connected. If the on board audio chip is gone, doesn't this mean the front audio won't work because it is connected to the board. But he claims BEFORE when the on board sound WAS working, the front green and pink jacks never ever worked from day 1.

If this is unrepairable, is there a sound card available that would give you that 9-pin connection where you could plug in those front audio ports, since the connection on the board doesn't appear to be working. Or maybe it could be the actual device in the front of the tower itself? Thanks guy.

The motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-M68MT-D3 rev:2.3

Also is there any way you can mark a thread as closed or solved or is this something a forum mod must do?
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  1. Most of sound cards have a 9pin front header. Have a look at inexpensive Xonar DG or DS.

    I had similar problem once. It was on Gigabyte P35-DS4 and suddenly Windows 7 showed that there is no audio device present. Win7 reinstallation didn't help, but the sound works on Vista to this day (2 years since then). I gave Vista a try when I saw that audio works, when PC was booted from ubuntu live cd.

    You can mark the thread as solved and select the best answer whenever you want.
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