i have a intel core2duo 3.0 ghz dual cre E8400 2gb ram 3gb Nvida Geforce610 but when i run Assassinscreed bortherjood or any game i get low FPS in ACb=20-30 FPS high 1280x1024
AC3 low 20-25 Fps
ACR meduim 20-25 FPS
Justcause 2 high 20-30 FPs
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  1. CPU isn't horrible but not stellar. You don't have enough ram. The Nvidia 610 isn't a gaming card. It is for video playback like in a home theater pc. You would probably be better off getting a new pc over upgrading that one.
  2. Your cpu is good.your gt 610 is very bad.it will struggle in every games.get new gpu
  3. The bottleneck in your computer is your GPU for those games.
  4. you need a new graphic card. its really bad quality.
  5. iceclock said:
    you need a new graphic card. its really bad quality.

    It may not be bad quality (the quality may in fact be stellar), but extremely low-performance.
    Your e8400 should have some life left in it.
    What you get should depend on your budget and your PSU. If this is a name-brand prebuilt like Dell or HP, with a typically weak (but not junk) PSU, then get a HD7750 if it is at least 250W. If it is only around 200W, then you'll be limited to a HD6570. If it's an off-brand PC (e.g. an eBay special), then the PSU will be of uncertain quality, so do not trust it for any more than half of what's on the label, and even that may not be clean (e.g. Logisys, Diablotek, Apevia).
    If your budget allows, you can get a 450W Antec VP-450 for around $39. Unlike most PSUs that lack active PFC (and have a little voltage switch), the VP-450 is actually an efficient, modern design. That PSU will run a much heftier graphics card; basically anything with a single PCIe power connector (and a few with two, like the HD7870).
    If your budget is not much over $150, I'd get the VP-450 and a HD7770. If it is closer to $200, the VP-450 and a GTX650Ti would be a good, balanced choice for your CPU.
    Even if you were to "go overboard" on a nice 650W Seasonic PSU and a HD7970 or GTX670, those items won't represent money wasted because you can use them in your next build; either of those cards will be bottlenecked by your CPU though.
    Edit: I'm assuming your PC is built in a standard mid tower case, with a standard ATX PSU. If it is a slim case, your choices will be limited. There are quality 350W PSUs available in the smaller SFX and TFX form factors, but the most powerful low profile card that is readily available I believe is the HD7750. Even so, it will offer a day vs. night difference over the GT610.
  6. for me badquality is synonyms of lowspeed. i might have been unclear on that.
  7. Sorry about the edit, but the construction "might of" makes me grind my teeth, and they've already lost most of their enamel.
  8. theres a problem with my syntax? you do realise some people don't have english as there first language right.
  9. Absolutely. Someone hearing another person saying "I might've <whatever>" could readily assume that "might of" is correct. I've been seeing it so often now, even in "professional" English-sourced writing, that it has become a pet peeve. Sorry if it seemed I was picking or niggling. As much as I hated it then, I am very glad now that I learned grammar the old-fashioned way.
  10. thanks. im decent in grammar, just not perfect, i do not doubt your skills in english.
  11. w1zz4 said:
    The bottleneck in your computer is your GPU for those games.

    Only 2gb of ram isn't doing him any favors either.
  12. yep 4gigs or more for gaming. 8 is optimal. but not required.
  13. I think he is getting great frame rates from that set-up.

    Core 2 duo is not the fastest CPU out there. The NVidia 610gt is not the best for gaming, it's a budget GPU on about the same level as a 7800 gts, which is old. 2gb of ram is just sad. That would be your first thing to upgrade on that set-up.
  14. whats your budget for a new gpu?
  15. Free would be NICE!! xD
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