Energie Efficient CPU cooler

Hi guys,

Does anyone know what the stock cpu cooler of a i3 3225 consumes in Watt?
Don't seem to find any numbers on this topic.

Any third party cpu coolers which are more energie efficient.
Cool as good as or better for less energie? (watt)

I know we are talking about 1 to 5 watts :) so it's small difference.
I was looking at the noctua cpu coolers but they are pretty expensive.

Tnx for you future comments :hello:

Have a nice weekend!
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  1. the basic cooler sucks at cooling and is noisy. i dunno about lower power usage. but if your question is can i get a quieter cooler here.

  2. The most energy efficient CPU cooler is simply a huge heatsink (no fan). The case must be large enough for you to install it though.

    For example, the C2D E6600 (65w TDP) in my HTPC is passively cooled by a Tuniq Tower 120. It runs at stock speed and it does not get too warm when stressed (i.e playing games), I think 68C - 72C. But it is really only used to watch movies so actual temps are less than that. I also have a passively cooled nvidia GT 9600 in the HTPC.

    The Tuniq Tower 120 is about 150mm tall, 130mm wide, and 110mm deep. That translates to about 5.9" tall, 5.1" wide and 4.3" deep. It weighs in at 800g or roughly 1.75lbs = 1lbs 12oz. Heavy enough to use as a weapon....
  3. but wouldnt u want a low fanspeed and quiet fan versus a big monster?
  4. I already had that heatsink anyway so I simply reused it. It was my for my gaming rig before I built a new gaming rig around the Q9450 (also using a Tuniq Tower 120). Since the E6600 was simply running at stock speed and the case has good enough air flow, I simply decided to remove the fan. While 68c - 72c is warm, it is not considered hot.

    As for a low speed fan vs. a massive heatsink... well you can't get more energy efficient than having a cooler that does not use any electricity. However, passive cooling with a massive heatsink generally works only with computer cases large enough to accommodate something that large.
  5. good point. just if your gonna use a htpc low-profile coolers work better. tuniq is a beast
  6. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835242008

    Never used it but heard good things about it. Best of all it will save you a grand total of maybe 5 cents a year on your powerbill :)

    Though if your after silence... well silent is as silent as silent gets.
  7. thats way too expensive.
  8. iceclock said:
    thats way too expensive.

    I agree, though I am not seeing any other passive heatsinks. He might be able to get away with something cheaper but I don't really know so I just suggested what I knew would work :)
  9. the one i suggested is more silent than other coolers. has a lower decibel level at a decent price. also fits the fm2 socket.
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