How much should I be asking?

Hey guys,
I'm looking to sell my old gaming pc. The specs are as follows:
HIS ATI Radeon HD 4770
Intel Core 2 Duo E4600 (2 cores @ 2.40 GHz)
2 GB Hynix DDR2 RAM
Foxconn 45 CMX Motherboard
Huntkey 550 Watt PSU
160 GB HDD
DVD RW Drive
Sunbeam Samurai Gaming Case

What would you recommend I sell it for?
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  1. Think the better question is who could you sell it too.
    The components are too out of date and none of the parts are really worth salvaging.

    Maybe $100.
    (The HDD and RAM might be worth something since they are both using defunct standards. So they are getting harder to find as time goes by).
  2. Haha. I have someone in mind. The fact is it's not as bad as you think. I was still using that pc to game a few months ago. But I do agree with your estimation of about $150. Although it is only the memory that is using older standards (DDR2) the HDD and DVD are both SATA devices. Besides that, the case is probably the most useful component?
  3. Most likely, cases don't go obsolete like components do. Though how much its worth will depend on what features it has, quality and condition.
  4. That's true. It looks all-right, but it is a pretty impressive case visually. The only problem I foresee is that it doesn't have space to hide cables and you have to do a bit of a shuffle with the HDD's to fit long graphics card (Like the MSI HD 7870). BTW I think I've settled on about $150. How much more should I ask if I added a Samsung Syncmaster 920NW (19", max res: 1440x900, refresh 60 Hz) and a Microsoft keyboard and mouse?
  5. Again, depends on what nick they are in.

    Monitor: Would say ~$50.
    Mouse and keyboard: probably ~$20 depending on quality. Could be a lot more if they are high end items (mechanical, media keys, lighting, that sort).
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