I have got a samsung NP355V5C AO6UK with:
AMD A6-4400M
Radeon 7520G
6GB DDR3 1600mhz
and 500GB HDD
the past couple of days my cpu has been slowing down now it won't go above 1.4Ghz which slows down my game performance.
Anybody have any idea why
Thanks XxPeterGriffinxX
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  1. thats cuz its trotteling. to save energy. when ur not doing cpu intensive things it cuts down on power usage and lowers ur cpu clockspeed.
  2. Are you saying that even when playing games the APU will not go above 1.4GHz?
  3. yes the cpu can throttle down, depends on the game you play. It might throtle down when the temp is to high aswell
  4. jaguarskx said:
    Are you saying that even when playing games the APU will not go above 1.4GHz?

    thats what im saying also i was playing a game then my laptop clunked and it wouldn't go above 1.4Ghz. i was playing Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of war II Retribution max settings can usually play for 14 hrs straight. after it stopped trying to do things. i've managed to get the cpu upto 2.5Ghz but still can't turbo speed of 3.2Ghz
  5. Laptops tend to run hot to begin with. Add to that the stress of the games and that even adds more heat. It is probably overheating and it is automatically throttling the clock speeeds to prevent overheating.
  6. Download Core Temp.

    Activate the temp log feature so that it can record the CPU temps while playing games. a 15 - 30 second interval should be fine. Play a game for a while like 30 minutes, then check the log.
  7. sounds good dude
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