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Realtek 889 6-Channel Direct Issues

February 15, 2013 2:03:19 PM

Up until recently I have been running my sound system through a 6-channel direct line to my Harmon Kardon ACR 80 MKII. It's been running flawlesly. I've been using the Dolby theater dsp that came with the motherboard; Gigabyt-990FX-UD5, to upmixing the stereo image of music and videos when I realized that the reciever did a better job at that.

So I ran it into the reciever as a stereo image and used it's dsp. Worked great. But now I am trying to revert back to the 6-channel direct for gaming and the problem is that when I test the speakers via the Realtek HD manager, all channels are coming through the stereo as if there were a dsp downmixing the channels. I can't get it to send anything through the surround, center or subwoofer line. It all comes through the front line...

Any ideas on how to get rid of this "ghost" dsp?

Side note: Yes i have disabled Dolby Digital Theatre v4, while trying to get the channels to work properly.