Laptop Power Ribbon Cable Stripped, Help with Alternative way to turn on laptop

The Ribbon cable that connects to the motherboard is stripped. This is the cable that comes from where the power button is located. I have read that all I need to do is complete a very weak circuit where that connection on the motherboard is. I have taken a ribbon cable that fits perfectly from the touchpad on the laptop, but I cannot get it to turn on but touching the other end of the cable with a metal pin and screwdriver, any suggestions on how to get it to turn on( I don't want to replace the original part)

Here is a picture of what i'm trying to do:
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  1. why not do the sensible thing and replace the part?

    before you damage something
  2. Well the basic idea is that you need to add a new button to the end of that ribbon that will take the place of your power button if you can no longer connect your original power button again.

    However it is much easier said than done, especially with the small circuitry that is in laptops. If you havent done anything with hardware circuits before then a laptop is not the place to start. If you have worked with circuits before then you need to find out which cable in the ribbon is the common ground and which is the pin for the power switch, the. Add a switch or button between them. I don't think I have ever seen a laptop manufacturer publish the specs for internal wires so it will probably be lots of guessing and checking.

    Overall, unless you are planning on spending a significant amount of time on this project you are going to end up with something that looks and works mediocre at best. It's just not an easy project working with tiny laptop components.
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