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Im on a wireless conenction, and in the same spot as always in the house. my normal download speed is 20 Mbps and now it is 15 Mbps, I checked for viruses and there are none. I did change my router channel from automatic to 1 (to discourage the evil microwave from blocking my internet). does channel one have a bad reputation for slow speeds?
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  1. It might be perfectly normal. What your speed suppose to be? 12MB or 15MB?

    U can have "speed boost", that is boost in speed for short period of the time, to flush your small download faster out. Lets say it is for 5MB and smaller files.

    Mostly cable provider have that. And than your speed goes to what u pay for.

    Test your speed @ and let me know.

    Also it depends what u downloading, if they have speed that is at least as fast as yours is.
  2. It is normally 20 MB and I was not downloading anything and I got the speeds using speedtest
  3. OK, test your speed @ and let me know. It takes 2 minutes.
  4. What is the designated speed package u pay for?
  5. I am told 20 mbps, but it seems to have slowed down.
  6. PcEthuaist said:
    I am told 20 mbps, but it seems to have slowed down.

    Hey, thats what u think - maybe, maybe not. I don't know what u have installed or if u have virus, some toolbars and some crapware or something else.

    Or somebody else is using your bandwidth or your network card is dying. Or your ISP sucks. Could be anything.

    Just run OK, and we will know. U don't have to install anything.
  7. When you say wireless connection do you mean you have wireless internet, or you're connected to a fixed line service (Cable/ADSL) via a wireless router/modem?

    If it's wireless internet then there could be some local interference that's dropping your signal quality. If so you could wander around the house and monitor your connection speed to attempt to locate the source.

    If it's ADSL then try resetting your modem. It's possible that it synched at a slower speed due to noise on the phone line. I find when my ADSL at home drops out due to too much noise on the line it will try to connect at a slower speed so that there's a higher noise margin, meaning that it will take more interference to interrupt the connection.

    A speed test will only tell you what your computer can obtain at that current time. If you look on your modems setup page you should be able to check the router status, which will show downstream and upstream connection speeds, usually in kbps. That will give you a more accurate estimation of what you SHOULD be able to download at, if you're the only one on the network.
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