What does windows 8 mean for new gpu's(directx 12)

I'm kinda new to the pc world and since amd and nvidia release their new gpu's not to long ago. They are directx 11.1 card but thing I'm unsure of is if they will have the directx 12 support or not. Since windows 8 be here soon and i'm sure directx 12 games won't be coming out right away but still. I don't see the point in buying a hd 7970 or gtx 680 and not be able to see all the beautifulness of the latest games. I haven't read anything about these gpu's will be getting a software update.

any one that has knowledge to this or at least a good educated guess.

thanks in advance.
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  1. There's no such thing as DirectX 12.
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    There's no news about dx12 yet; it will surely come down the pipeline at some point but 11.1 is the new update included in Windows 8 (which may be ported back to 7). It seems like there's not much in the way of new features there. Much of what Microsoft talks about with Windows 8 graphics is just about making things a bit more efficient (in line with the focus on running on low-power devices)
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    That is true, they make the renders faster, but it's not due to the new DirectX version, they simply optimized the .net framework code.
  4. Okay well thanks for the answers! I was kinda under the impression when there is a new windows release there usually a new directx version. So you guy kinda confirmed that there really no need to hold out on buying a gpu. Cause i really want the hd 7870:D
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