Disk boot error insert system disk after fresh install

Hey, so i hav an old pc,
E6600 intel 2.66ghz
2gb DDR2 ram
Onboard graphics
200gb ide hdd

So Ubuntu live cd works, and sees the hard drive fine, but whenever i install any operating system (Windows included)
It just says the dreaded "Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter"
The boot orders all good and i have tried another ide hard drive with the same problem.
What could be wrong? Motherboards hardware problem?
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  1. Maybe bad connection, try changing the Cable if that dosent help then my friend you have a defective ide slot in your motherboard. Its really Old so you really cant blame it. It happens.
  2. The dvd drive is ide and is running on the same cable so it can't be either of them.
    And yeah i know its old, but 2.66ghz dual-cores not bad (outside of gaming).

    Just one of those things i can't bring myself to throw away
    (even more so when there's such a stupid thing in the way of it working lmao)

    its a realy strange problem, live cd linux can access the drive perfectly fine
  3. I just tried my main pc's sata hard drive in it, it booted into windows but bluescreened b4 it got to desktop (probably cos it wasn't a fresh install?)

    Im not messing about installing a fresh copy into a harddrive for testing as i need it for my main pc.

    i have an ide to sata adapter but it seams to only work on ide dvd drives.......

    Would getting a sata hard drive solve all the problems?

    As linux live cd works good (not exactly a solution)
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