Kernel Problem and Computer freezing with new GPU

Hey guys, I just installed a new EVGA 460GTX SE and a 650W OCZ PSU on my computer and I've been having some problems with my screen going black only to reappear with a small message of "nividia driver kernel version has stopped working but recovered" (or something along those lines). I did a clean install of my graphics drivers already, but I have recently begun having problems with my computer freezing. At first, the mouse is not frozen, I am just unable to click on anything, after I move my mouse around for a bit, the mouse freezes too and the computer stops responding. I'd really appreciate any suggestion for dealing with this problem :).

I have a Seagate 1TB 7200RPM barracuda, an OC'ed AMD phenom X4 black edition, EVGA 460GTX SE, 650W OCZ S series PSU, and a pegatron viola mobo.

Thank you in advance for any help!
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  1. First of all, undo the overclock and check if it's fixed..
  2. Yup I did that first thing, everything is at factory conditions now. It froze again and I had to hard restart and i had some problems getting past the "starting windows" screen. Took me 7 or 8 tries and I already ran a startup diagnostic. I can hear the windows login screen noise, but it stays at the starting windows screen..
  3. Does your motherboard have on board graphics?
  4. No, my computer is 3 or 4 years old, so it just had the 460GTX, no PHYSX card either.
  5. What happened to your old GTX 460?
  6. I had a 9800 GTX, but it burned out and I bought a 460GTX. Update: my computer blue screened today, not sure how to proceed. It rebooted fine, but i am still receiving messages saying the kernel driver has failed but recovered. As a side note, youtube frequently crashes, and the Blue screen occurred while browsing steam.
  7. Was it happening with your old card? Did you connect two 6-pin PCIe connectors from your power supply to the graphics card?
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