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My father in law has a problem with his PC, which was bought from a shop prebuilt.
It gets unplugged from the mains when not in use and when it gets reconnected to the mains it will start to boot, without the power button on the front being touched, however it will after about 10 seconds stop booting and power down. An immediate pressing of the front of case power button starts a successful boot. If it remains plugged into the mains it starts first time as you press the front of case power button.
What's going on?
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  1. Most likely the PSU is faulty and needs replacing.
    PSU = "Power Supply Unit" - metal box inside the PC case which supplies power to all the components.

    Take the opportunity to fit one which is a bit more powerful (higher output wattage) as this will avoid the PSU having to work "flat out", getting hotter & possibly shortening it's life..
  2. Worst case it could be the motherboard causing this behavior, but I would try another power supply first.
  3. Thanks for the answers.
    I have already tried a new PSU, with more power with exactly the same results. The first boot is always for the same amount of time.
    I have been advised elsewhere to update the BIOS, as it may have been shipped with a generic BIOS and not one specific to that PC. Indeed the Read me on the Support disk that the PC came with seems to support this. Therefore I will follow the instructions offered and try to update the BIOS, using the makers update software.
  4. Updating the BIOS is about the only thing that you can do to fix this problem. Changing the motherboard seems excessive for this minor fault. Make sure that the BIOS settings are at default and that the CMOS memory has been cleared though.
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