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So I came here again to ask for some assistance, again, from the best! So I think I am pretty set on my build, but still had a concern with the gpu brand choice. I will be opting for the Gtx 670 in SLI, and was aiming for the Gigabyte version:

Will that work fine in SLI, I mean with one blowing right onto the other? I don't THINK it will matter, but I am curious if anyone has any other input on that. Also, if I can get 16gb of ram as opposed to 8gb for a few bucks more, and they were the same speed (1600), would it just be useless for gaming with SLI, or would it really not affect SLI whatsoever? I will be rendering and too, with software such as AutoCAD and Source Filmmaker. Here's the build below btw. I'm pretty set on the choices (minus the ram debate as discussed above), although I do appreciate feedback on new items that could already supersede items I had selected (never know with how fast some things release), such as a better ssd or mobo or something. Thanks for looking!
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    That should all work fine. Inevitably, there is some effect, with one card, on the other, but the Gigabytes are not particularly thick, you have 3 slot spacing, on that board, plus, I believe, that case has side fans, so the effect will be minimal.
    There is no point to 16GB of RAM, for gaming. Some Autocad processes can be memory demanding, especially in 3D, so it could be worth it, for that. If you use 2x8GB, to same spec, it won't have any detremental effect.
  2. Alrighty thanks for the info. And yeah it does have side fans, but I am unsure if they work very well with the noctua. I think it might be too big, or it might be touching or something. I was just gonna wait and see once I get it, if I can use the side fans or not. Hopefully I can. I thought some AutoCAD stuff might require more, that's why I mentioned it, and it would definitely be in 3D. I will just go with the 8 for now, and if I feel I really need more performance..will just get the 16 later. Thanks!
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  4. Holy cow, I just ordered that build this afternoon. Well, one VERY similar.
  5. The only thing with upgrading RAM is, for 16GB, 2x8 works more efficiently than 4x4.
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