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Hello guys! I have a question! We have multicores processors. But processors also have threads ( i7 - 4 cores 8 threads i think) How does this threads help CPU to do work faster? How do they work? Can somebody please explain me in "simple" English. Tnx :D :??:
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  1. In Simple english lets say that the threads act like virtual cores.
    And 2 threads = 1 virtual core so in reality an i7 has 4 real cores and 4 virtual ones and when software is coded to makes use of these virtual cores then the work is done faster. Its as simple as that.

    Also the term for having more threads than cores is "hyperthreading"
  2. The extra threads on the Intel® Core™ i7 comes from hyper-threading and the best way to easly understand hyper-threading is to think of leftovers.

    Rarely will an application use 100% of the resources of a processor. What hyper-threading does simply put is allow second pathway to come in and take advantage of the extra resources. This can give a small performance boost for multi-threading or heavy multi-tasking. Since hyper-threading doesnt run on 100% of the resources of the processor it will never have the full performance of a core but it can help on applications that can take advantage of it.
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  4. tnx guys! that's what i need!
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