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Window 7 ROM size 4 Gb but only 2 Gb available problem

Hello: i have 32 bit toshiba Laptop with window 7 starter OS and the RAM size is 4GB but it says RAM size 4GB (2GB usable),
what is the problem and why the 2 GB left unusable? help me soon. thank you.
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  1. Type "Resource" into the Star menu's instant search box, and in the results, click "Resource Monitor". Click the "Memory" tab in the window that opens and let us know the amounts of RAM being given to each of the colored divisions (Hardware Reserved, In Use, Modified, etc.).
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    Windows 7 Starter Edition only uses up to 2GB of RAM:

    which seems a bit mean of them.
  3. Wow; I had no idea Starter was that limited! Good job Andy2008!
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