New i7 PC, Certain programs keep crashing

I wonder if anyone could help, Have a new Lenovo i7 desktop, running windows 7 64bit originally, is the same machine that other users are using. Installed software, now seems like when using IE or Chrome, SQL Server Management Studio, or ITunes, or anything that is running will just crash, the IE will work again.. Then upgraded machine to Windows 8 and ie 10, same issue. Need this working as need to use SSMS all the time.
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  1. This could indicate a memory (RAM), motherboard, power supply or possibly other hardware failures. If you have any spare parts you could try exchange and see if problem persists. If not its time to call lenovo service if under warranty or any computer literate person if not...
  2. What happens when they crash? Do you have to restart the computer? Does it BSOD? DO you get any error message? You can start by running memtestx86
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