Will the 660 ti be better than a 7950?

There is a newegg sale on the Gigabyte 7950 for 308.99 (discount and rebate) and it ends 8/14. At this price well it can't be beat. I want to know in your opinion if the 660ti will be better (in general) to the 7950? If the 7950 is better, then the price of the 660ti (rumored 300) is irrelevant as this 7950 is basically the same.

Keep in mind the 7950 has great overclock ability as well.
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  1. possibly...
    certain GTX 560 Ti's win and most do battle with the HD 6950, and the HD 6950 wins as well.

    so it's very possible.
  2. I decided, based on the benchmarks at tweaktown, to get the gigabyte 7950 instead of the 660ti. I did this because while there were a bunch of benchmarks that the 660 beat the 7950 at, when you turned on AA, the 7950 did better. Also the 660ti was doing better at games where the framerates were already absurdly high, so high you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between either. Since I am only going to be using one monitor, I will be using AA a lot, so I decided to get the card that did AA better. I think they would both be good cards though, and I am sure I would have been very pleased with either one.
  3. that's very logical but let me add this, right now all your seeing is reference clocked models, when the non-reference are released,
    it's anyone's game.
  4. Well isnt the 660 sporting a 192 bit bus width?
  5. not sure but the 670 and up are only 256-bit anyways...
  6. At this point I'm leaning toward the 7950. But honestly, good things go to those that are patient. I should probably just hold off and see, I mean that shouldn't be the end of sales on the 7950..

    Just thought of something else though.. the 7950 is a non-reference model and is $308.99 and the reference model for the 660ti is to be $299... I see this as a better deal for the 7950 IMO.
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