How do you think the gtx 660 (non ti) will perform?

"According to multiple leaks GeForce GTX 660 will be powered by Kepler GK106-400-A2 GPU, which still a mystery. We assume that the card will feature 960 CUDA cores. But since the architecture of GK106 is a huge unknown, we cannot predict how many TMUs and ROPs it will have. Following yesterday’s leaked PCB design we learn that card will require one 6-pin power connector. Also GeForce GTX 660 has only one SLI connector, meaning it will support 2-way SLI at most. We know that the card will be equipped with at least 1.5GB of memory, but such model was only found in ACER pre-built desktops, so 1.5GB version might be exclusively for OEM’s. Therefore we assume card will hit retail with 2GB of memory capacity." -

What do you think this will mean performance wise? I would buy this for battlefield 3 and crysis 3.
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  1. If I had to guess, I would say it will offer performance somewhere in the range of a GTX 570, give or take - except with far better power efficiency.
  2. It all depends on what the specs are. As you have seen, taking away 1 shader module returns only about a 5-10% decrease in performance (gtx670 vs 680) on average across multiple benchmarks. However, we see that when you take away a rop module and go from 32 to 24, you see a much larger 10-15% decrease in performance (gtx660ti vs 670).

    Therefore, it will all depend on what the specifications are. If Nvidia is smart, they will only take 1 more shader module away and leave the base GTX660 at 1152 shaders and 24 rops. If that's the case, yes, the 660 will be fine for BF3. If, however, they take it down to as low as 960 or go below 24 rops down to 16, then forget it, it won't be good enough to play BF3 with 4xmsaa at 1920x1200 at an acceptable frame rate (subjective). I personally look for 60fps with all the settings I want. A 660Ti can just about do this when overclocked, so it's barely there as it is. Just gotta wait for NVidia to release official specs.
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