Max Payne 3, missing texture/very low draw distance

hi here is a screen shot of what MP3 looks on my core2duo 2.4ghz, 7950go GTX 512mb, 4 GB RAM, win 7 ultimate 64 bit

any suggestions for a resolution?
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  1. someone please help
  2. 7950GO. Thats your problem.
  3. there is no help. the vram on your card is not sufficient to draw that far away. either you purchase a card with more vram or you should not cry about missing textures. i am running 5750 1gb and i dont have problems like these. but if i experience something i know thats the limitation of my card.
  4. Its not just the Vram. The 7950GO is such an old card that even if it had 1GB or more its too weak to be able to use it. Parts are just to old to handle a new game.
  5. Even that processor would lag if you had a better graphics card. Get a whole new setup if you want to play that game.
  6. i d like to apologize about that crying thingie, it was like 5am here and i was kind of edgy ... sry
    anyway if it works its ok to play, maybe you should save up and wait a while and then buy new pc. i am saving now myself and waiting for haswell

  7. That looks nasty. Worse than the original from 2001. You need a new PC. Simple. Your system is too old.
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