DX4840 Users Manual

I've been looking for a DX4840 User Manual to no avail.

I lost all of my Gateway stuff when recovering from a hard drive problem. Whats more, I'm not positive that Gateway provided a real user manual - as opposed to their quick reference guide.

The document I'm looking for is one that describes how to open the computer case (no easy task on this model), etc.

And no, the Gateway web site does not include a users manual for this product as they have for previous products.

If you know who actually manufactures this computer case, or know the location of the user manual, please post me here.

Thanks much.
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  1. Pictures found by google tell me it's a standard atx case. Unscrew the two screws on the back of the case that hold the sidewall where the fan blows out. Next push the sidewall backwards.
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