What should I replace this with?

Hi, I just registered so I can post from time to time with questions on my pc.

This computer is a pretty good pc, it runs all ds games on emulators fine, runs minecraft just fine, and it runs team fortress okay.
I have a good 'gaming' (Oblvion, CoD) computer all around besides for the video card. It seems to lack ram dedicated to it because it cannot be more than 128. I need to know what cards or chipsets are compatible because I really want to play some oblivion or skyrim because the cpu seems to run it just fine.

Intel(R) G45/G43 Express Chipset
Pentium Dual Core 3.20 GHz

What's compatible?
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  1. Bump, I really need to figure this out.
  2. Don't bump....

    Do you have a budget? The Pentium's are VERY old!
  3. Indeed Pents are quite old now, you'd have a hard time playing skyrim with any GPU matched with that CPU. First you'll need to upgrade your CPU, but then your gonna have to buy a new board, new RAM for that board, then a power supply to run whatever GPU you go for. There are some better CPU's that will fit in that socket, but I honestly don't think it's worth it, your gonna have to spend a bunch of money and upgrade everything if you want to play skyrim.
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