Should I be worried?

So I just built this new rig with a 7850, and I love it, everything is solid, except one thing.

Earlier today, was watching a youtube video, and out of nowhere pixels on my screen just turn into random colors. It wasn't all of my screen, but it was sort of like a checkered pattern. This lasted for like 5 seconds, and it was frozen. Five seconds later my browser crashed, everything went back to normal and I haven't experienced it again. My question is, should I be worried? Or am I fine? The GPU temps at the time were about 41 degrees celcius, and the outside temperature was around 100 degrees F here in california.

I've owned this computer for only 3 days, and my PSU is a 500W corsair power supply, although I wasn't doing anything demanding except watching a video. Should I just ignore it and continue on with my business? This is the only time it's happened.
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  1. if it only happens one time you should be good
  2. Well it doesn't use much power. It only needs one six pin so I'm guessing it only uses 130 watts top. So your PSU shouldn't be to weak. Um I would just keep using your PC and if it happens again try reinstalling drivers I guess. Check if it is mounted in the PCIe slot well enough and make sure the it is plugged into the sic pin well. If problems persist check your voltages in the BIOS. If there are no problems with the voltages and problems keep happening then it would be cause for concern. I wouldn't be that worried right now, but PCs tend to keep having problems if you don't change anything.
  3. Ive had this happen to me before but a long time ago, anytime I would watch a video while I was overclocked my system would freeze then crash and rest like nothing happened

    im not sure if that was what happened in this instance but i sure sounds familiar
  4. Would an actual GPU defect cause the browser to crash?

  5. doomdesire86 said:
    Would an actual GPU defect cause the browser to crash?


    it sounds like a crashed gpu driver, which causes chaos inside windows, nothing wrong with the browser
  6. Are you saying your room temp. was at or about 100?
  7. ^Room temp, not sure. Don't have any fans or A/C. Outside I know it was around 100, though.
  8. What is your case and what temps do you have - use something like HWInfo - ?
  9. I have a rosewill Challenger

    Airflow is decent, not the best due to the bad cable management options the case offers. My average CPU temps at the time were around ~35 C

    GPU was 41C
  10. It could be flash glitching or drivers. I'd ignore it. If it happens again its probably the card.
  11. Hey guys, back again. Sort of happened again today...

    Was on my browser again, and as doing some research when the top part of Chrome had the same checkered pattern. It lasted only a few seconds, nothing froze, and as soon as I minimized Chrome it went away.

    Is there any certain artifact test I can take? I'm kind of skeptical whether it's the GPU, it's just sort of weird. It's also very unoticeable and sort of transparent.
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    Run a GPU benchmark like Unigine's Heaven and Furmark to stress the GPU. If it glitches up RMA it.
  13. Ran Unigine Heaven for about 15 minutes on a variety of settings (maxed out on last run). Wasn't any artifacts that I noticed. Should I be okay?
  14. Try Furmark for an hour or two. I think this might be Flash related if its not the card.
  15. ^ Is furmark dangerous for the card? I've heard it can be malicious to it
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  17. Okay guys, I'm confident it's fine and whatever the browser defect was is probably just a driver defect from either the GPU driver or other software drivers. Unigine Heaven runs(and looks) great. Thanks for the help. In a few days I'll be getting BF3 and should have no problems. If I do this XFX card comes with a 2 year warranty, so ^^
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