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I am upgrading to Windows 7 on my laptop. When I inserted the disk it went through some of the installation then when it got to the Expanding Windows Files I got an error message. I looked it up and everything I read pointed to my dvd drive. I was told to bypass it you either by an external drive or use a usb thumdrive. I had an 8GB one laying around, followed all the steps on, it installed fairly fast, now I'm stuck on the Completing Installation part for about 30-45 minutes now, is this normal? From what I've read it works for alot of people if they remove all their USB devices however thats what I have Win 7 on. Would I still need it in my usb port? Or could I take it out since its on the completing installation step and everything is already copied over? I can post my comp specs here if that would help anyone. It's possible I'm just anxious and it could normally take this amount of time on a Laptop. It's somewhat new Dell Studio XPS with what i would say above average specs. Thanks in advance

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  1. the original errior I got was 0x80070017 if that helps anyone, but like I said I am way beyond the point I got that error at
  2. I'm past the point where I would get the error before, and the other posts I read said installing via USB drive fixed that error.
  3. since it is a dell laptop you will need to get driver from them to have it work
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