Cheap Graphics Card that will run Battlefield3 smoothly on my system

Hello viewers,

I am trying get a Cheap graphics card that will run battlefield3 @ "medium settings" smoothly on my system. Thanks in Advance for guidance.

System Specification: Intel Desktop Board DH64CL | Intel Core i3 2120 CPU @ 3.30 GHz | 4GB RAM @ 1333 | 320GB 7200 RPM WD-SATA | 420 WATT Cooler Master Power Supply
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  1. Probably not unless you want to play at medium to high settings since that processor will bottleneck in that game especially.
  2. We also need to know your screen resolution and what kind of graphics you expect to play.
  3. The screen resolution is 1366x768 and I want to play the game @ medium or default settings.
  4. Cooler master PSUs are usually bad. So I guess a AMD Radeon HD 7770 would be good enough for medium settings while keeping power draw at a minimum. Your CPU is good enough for campaign, but multiplayer it will struggle when there are more players.

    After seeing the resolution you posted, I feel a HD 7750 will also be ok. And it has no external power requirements :)
  5. Some answers from nVidia plz
  6. 7770 is probably it.
  7. 640 or the new 650 video card. max power is 65w.
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