Fx-4170 vs fx-6300

Hi there,

Just wanted to know what would be better for gaming an fx-4170 4.2ghz or an fx-6300 3.5ghz.

I intend to use them with a Radeon 7850, if this will effect the decision.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Both will not bottleneck the gpu, but i rather get the FX-6300, it has a lower power consumption and overall it's a better cpu from the piledriver architecture.
  2. ^agreed. I'd get the FX6300 as well.
  3. fx6300 +1
  4. agree. go for 6300
  5. Well looks like the 6300 is the way to go.

    Thanks everyone!
  6. Get a motherboard with strong PWM if possible -- something like the Gigabyte 970 -UD3.

    The FX630 will likely clock quite nicely :)
  7. What about if I didn't overclock it? Would the 6300 still be a better choice?
  8. FX6300 all the way. But both want to be overclocked.
  9. It's so easy, even can do it !!
  10. I am not sure if a 7850 would need OC'ed 6300. I think it will handle easily it at stock @ 1080p. Correct me if I am wrong.
  11. No, you don't need an OC'd 6300. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't OC it, since with AMD it's FREE unlike Intel nowadays ;)
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