2010 PSU ok for a current PC?

Im buying a new computer with all the modern parts. I was looking at getting a decent but cheap PSU and found the Antec Truepower New 550 had good reviews. Since it came out in 2010 is there any problems it may have with connections? Will it have enough and the required cables to power everything a current PC needs?
Or should I look at something like the Antec VP series or High Current Gamer?

Also Id imagine 550w would be ample to power my computer?

The Main Parts are as follows.

i5 gen 3
h77 motherboard
ATI 9750
Samsung 830 SSD
8gb DDR3
DVD Drive
2 HDD drives.

Any help would be appreciated
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  1. You will be better completely fine with that PSU. Just as a heads up, there is the Corsair CX500V2 that is $60, but it has a $20 mail in rebate. It would save you like $10 over the antec, and it is just as good. Either way, it is compatible with everything.
  2. give me a budget, location, and if you are going to do crossfire or SLI in the future. i can probably build better

    the psu should be fine
  3. Cool well I just realised that the PSU is out of stock so I will have to look them over. Ill take that Corsair PSU into consideration.

    But im in New zealand and am building one up for about $1450nzd.
    I thought about crossfire at a later date but realistically i cant see myself buying another one, there is a minute chance that i do though.
  4. i wouldnt even bother with the cx500w. it can only deliver 400w
  5. barely. 280-300w at full load accounting for the video card, CPU and everything else. not very safe and there are much better units out there
  6. Ok so CX600v2 is out???

    Ive then got a short list of comparably priced PSUs

    Antec vp550p $80
    Antec HCG-620 $120
    Corsair GS600v2 $600

    All good? or any in particular? or any others?
  7. HCG 620 would be my choice
  8. Sorry this is off topic. But where are you getting your parts from? $120 for the HCG-620 isn't bad.
  9. I use pricespy.co.nz. It compares all the pc parts stores, usually it ends up that Alpha City is the cheapest store.
  10. Ah yea pricespy is pretty awesome. There used to be a really dodgy company on pricespy that just ripped people off. (supercheap computers or PC's or something) so since then I've just used a local company ascent or pp.co.nz
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