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Hello Everyone,

So i'm looking for parts to make a $500-$600 computer. Right now i'm deciding on what processor to get, but can't decide. I want to get the most performance for my money, but i don't know which processor would be the best. I've been looking at AMD processors like the FX-4100 and the Phenoms (Intel is an option but seems a little expensive). I'd probably be using the computer for school and some gaming, so i want to run games like Battlefield 3, Grand Theft Auto, and Black Ops at good frame rates. Also are certain processors and motherboards better at overclocking then others (and getting a better CPU fan shouldn't be a problem if overclocking is an option). So if anyone could help me decide, it would be much appreciated. I also am undecided about the graphics card and power supply and if anyone has good options for those, that would be very helpful :)
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  1. I3-3220 from intel or FX-6300 from amd.
  2. It seems like the FX-6300 is a better choice, but what would be a good motherboard for them? Also do AMD motherboards cost more than Intel?
  3. It's about the same, though, the decent amd motherboards with the 970 chipset costs a bit more than an intel b75/h77 for the i3-3220.
    So an asrock 970 extreme 3 or asus M5A97 LE R2.0.
  4. Ok thanks for motherboard options, now would FX-8320 or FX-8350 or i5-3470 be options for processors, or would that cost too much for a $500-$600 computer.
  5. For a 500-600$ gaming build, don't spend too much on the cpu, but on the gpu, if you spend ~200$ on a cpu(without counting the other components), you'll end up with a really low end gpu.
  6. Ok so what if a get a FX-8350 with a M5A97 bundle for $235 would that be a good deal link ------>
  7. If you can instore pickup then yes that's a great deal.
    If you don't have a microcenter near you, you can't receive that processor through the mail.
  8. I don't live close to any microcenters, so is the M5A97 ok for overclocking? And how much should i spend on a GPU then if i went with the FX-8350.
  9. Then you'll not get at those prices(in the link), because it's an in-store pick up.
    The cheapest FX-8350 is in amazon for 194$, so with the motherboard it goes over ~280$, that's almost half of the budget.
    See here for a tip :
    If you put the FX-6300, you'll have to downgrade the gpu for a 7770 or 650 ti, and it's not worth, a FX-6300+7870XT > FX-8350+7770/650 ti.
  10. Board is good for an oc. If you're just gaming then you need to get a cheaper cpu and use the extra money for a better graphics card.

    gaming= cpu<gpu
  11. PCPartPicker part list:
    Price breakdown by merchant:

    CPU: AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz 6-Core Processor ($119.99 @ Microcenter)
    Motherboard: Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 ATX AM3+ Motherboard ($74.99 @ Newegg)
    Memory: Crucial Ballistix sport 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory ($39.99 @ Newegg)
    Storage: Seagate Barracuda 500GB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive ($58.98 @ Outlet PC)
    Video Card: PowerColor Radeon HD 7850 2GB Video Card ($169.98 @ Newegg)
    Case: Thermaltake VL800P1W2N (Black/Red) ATX Mid Tower Case ($37.99 @ Microcenter)
    Power Supply: Antec Neo Eco 520W 80 PLUS Certified ATX12V / EPS12V Power Supply ($57.98 @ Newegg)
    Optical Drive: Lite-On iHAS124-04 DVD/CD Writer ($17.99 @ Newegg)
    Total: $577.89
    (Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available.)
    (Generated by PCPartPicker 2013-02-16 15:15 EST-0500)

    will do the trick
  12. for overclocking i would get the gigabyte 970 one around $100 as it has a 8+2 power phase and will be better for high overclocks, and if ur going asus do not get the LE edition as it does not have a heatsinks of the vrms
  13. hes on a limited budget. the above will do nicely
  14. He said $600 wat u built has $23 left over its at least enough to get the non LE asus 970 board, and the gigabyte one is the same cost as the non LE asus if u look for it on pcpartpicker at $95 i thinks its the ud3 970
  15. Ok thanks everyone this makes it a lot easier to pick parts. I'll probably go with icelock's setup but with the better motherboard. Also will the AMD-6300 and the 7850 be enough to game at reasonable fps?
  16. O and i might add a 120gb SSD, does anyone have recommendations for that. (ya i know i'll probably go over $600 but i think it'll be worth it)
  17. ConfusedGamer123 said:
    O and i might add a 120gb SSD, does anyone have recommendations for that. (ya i know i'll probably go over $600 but i think it'll be worth it)

    If it's for gaming, get the 7870 tahiti le and forget about the ssd, buy it later, it wont bring any fps gain.
    The 7870 tahiti le is at 208.8$ on newegg(it's out of stock for now) and it's now the best bang for the buck gfx card.,3401.html

    Here's the list :
    This includes the gigabyte with 8+2 power phases if you want to overclock, don't forget to add the hyper 212 evo for a cooler.
    You can see here info for the motherboards :

    Deduct 31.2$ of the gpu and 12$ of the psu, both have promo codes.
    The psu : (in the pcpartpicker doesn't link to the one with the promo)
    The card :
  18. Ok this looks good, and still around $600. Thanks everyone this helped a ton i can't thank you enough. Looks like this is going to be a great computer.
  19. O sorry one more thing, do you think this would be a better choice for a graphics card or just go with the one you said. It has a rebate so it's $210
  20. The link shows for a 7770, which for gaming it's a low end card.
  21. Nope, it's not worth it, the 7870 tahiti le is a better card, since it has more shaders, it's a 7930, and for now it's out of stock, but it will be selling again, and it's at 208.80$ until 2/22(13% off w/ promo code PWCHD7850, ends 2/22)
  22. Ok i'll get that one once it's in stock thanks for the advice
  23. get what u want but i like the build i made u and is within ur budget. but if u can afford the 7870xt its def worth it cheers.
  24. One last thing, should i go with the hyper 212 evo or the plus? It seems like the plus is cheaper but similar in performance.
  25. If you can afford the hyper 212 evo get it, it's slightly better.
  26. - $35 on sale with push pull fans, it cools 1-3c better than a h100, it has ceramic coating on everything and looks pretty sweet but the evo would be better than the plus but as mentioned only slightly but will work great
  27. evo :)
  28. If i could get $40 more dollars would it be worth it to get the FX-8350 or FX-8150 or would it perform about the same as the 6300
  29. the 8350 would perform a bit better in gaming. but the 6300 is quite fine. and 8150 isnt even worth it. old architecture.
  30. ConfusedGamer123 said:
    If i could get $40 more dollars would it be worth it to get the FX-8350 or FX-8150 or would it perform about the same as the 6300

    You're better off spending more on the gpu, if you can afford to spend more, i rather just get the i5+h77/z75/z77, since it will be at the range of the i5 price.
  31. +1 to djs comment
  32. i3 3220 $130
    Asus P8B75-M Motherboard $70
    Crucial 8GB 1333 RAM $44
    Sapphire Radeon 7870 GHz Edition 2GB $240
    Seasonic S12II 520watt PSU $60
    Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200 RPM HDD $60
    Rosewill Challenger $50
    LG 24X DVD Burner-OEM $18

    Total: $672+Shipping & Handling

    This is a fairly good build, very good for it's price. Take an i3 3220, really it's still the best budget CPU for gaming.
  33. i like that build but i do prefer mine. depends if the user needs more than 2cores. if purely gaming 3220 would do the job uar.
  34. Is this the same graphics card, just wondering it has almost the same name (Saphire Radeon 7870) --->
  35. Is this the same graphics card, just wondering it has almost the same name (Saphire Radeon 7870) --->
  36. That's a standard 7870, it's cheaper, the sapphire 7870XT is at 245$ after mir, i would wait for the 7870 power color myst, it's a 7870 tahiti le and for 240$, but if you want a cheaper card, that's not bad at all.
  37. Ok everyone i'm back about a month later, so i actually got more money in my budget and now i'm at about $900 my computer. I learned a lot more about computers since i started this and now i'm just wondering what would be the most performance i can get out of a $900 computer build. Right now i'm planning on getting a build like this - - I just wanted to know what you guys think about it and if i should go intel, or what GPU to get. I've done a lot of research on most of my parts and I'm confident this is a pretty good build, i just want confirmation on this or thoughts on improvements etc.
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