Need help with first build :/

So I have my first gaming pc built and sitting in front of me...but no output to monitor and no motherboard error beeps when parts are removed and boot is attempted. everything in the build is getting power from my 650w power supply...but again no output. need help asap and any suggestions as to what the problem could be or what action i should take would be greatly appreciated! (If any additional information is needed I can provide it. anything that will help get this thing fixed.)

The build is as follows:
CPU: AMD phenom II Black edition 3.4ghz quad core
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 570 (MSI twin frozr II model) (Already RMA'd this part once as this was first suspect.)
MOBO: Asrock 970 extreme 3 AM3+
Ram: Team xtreme 8gb ram (2x 4gb sticks that came with mobo as a deal in newegg)
Case: Rosewill Challenger
psu: Rosewill hive 650w
Hardrive: Western digital Blue 1tb HDD
CD burner: asus dvd drive/burner

Additional Note: Motherboard is my next in line to buy a replacement... depending on what kind of response I get on here.
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  1. count the beeps. That'll help identify the error.
  2. no beeps coming from mobo, i have the speaker ocnnected...not a sound
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