Judge my build?

hi im a complete noob to building pcs but ive been doing some research and i think ive made a decent build

but i have a few questions. first of all i need wifi and i dont know what wireless adapter to use
second this psu confuses me it says sandy bridge and i have an ivy bridge so i dont know if it would be compatable

thank you in advance
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  1. If I'm not mistaken all psu should be compatible.
    Do you have a GPU for your build by chance? What exactly are you using yor pc for?
  2. o yea sry but i forgot to mention its a gaming pc but theres no gpu for now the intel hd 4000 will work for now but i plan on upgrading to the evga 660ti after i save up some more
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    Some good things and bad things.
    Those SSD are really unrealiable. Might wanna switch it out.
    That case is kind of what I was looking for: blue led window and lots of stuffs. I think this case would be about the same but cheaper:
    You could save $10 for the hyper 212+
    Then you could a 2x4gb ram. It'll last you forever! (Don't quote me)
    Newegg has promos going on right now, if you can wait buy your stuff during Black Friday- cyber Monday if money is a big concern.
    Good luck!
  4. ty for the advice btw do uk any good wireless adapters for under 30 because my internet is set up in my parrents room
    also i looked at the case ur recomended and it looks really good but it has optional fan slots that i want to fill whats a good fan?
  5. Sorry I don't. I convinced my parents to move the router near my computer for convenience and everything in our house is wireless.

    Look on newegg through filters or google it. Sorry
  6. thats ok i think ill figure it out also the case u recomended looks awseome but it has optional fan slots i wanna fill any recomends?
  7. ty
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