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OK, I am almost ready to make my order, I just have a few last choices to make and I would love your help making them. :) Keep in mind that I'm still open to suggestions, especially on the video card. This is a gaming build, and my budget is roughly $1,000. If you need any more info let me know! I'm looking to order tonight.











~GPU (Really open to suggestions on this one)


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    I prefer the 7970 over the 670.

    If you're getting the 3570K, you need a Z77 motherboard to overclock it.

    I feel like you are a very indecisive person.

    Go with that power supply.
  2. Sorry, I'm not experienced with building and I just want to make sure everything is worth it and is compatible before I make the final order. That's kinda why I'm trying to get feedback from these forums because it seems like you guys kinda know your stuff haha.

    So I should get the power supply you recommended, the 3570K processor, and the Z77 motherboard? What else should I get with that combo?

    Sorry, I just looked at some of the links I provided and it looks like some of the deals have expired since a few days ago.

    Can you recommend another GPU?
  3. You don't like the 7970? Well, this is the 7970 I would recommend:

    Its one of the cheapest, and I like the Sapphire cooler.

    If you want to spend less on the power supply (or the build in total) that can be arranged.
  4. I like both of those Sapphires, I just thought I'd ask to get another option. :)

    I think I'm ready to order now, I just want you to give me a quick review on my build. Feel free to give me more suggestions haha. Thanks!


    Power Supply






  5. Looks great!
  6. Which Sapphire do you think is better? They're both the same price, so whichever one you think is better, I'll go with.
  7. Honestly, they should be about the same.
  8. OK, cool! Now I can confidently place my order. :) Thanks a ton for your help!
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