Buying a new GPU + other stuff

Alright, so currently i have:
fx-8120 @ 4.0ghz
cm hyper 212 evo
gtx 560 oc 925mhz
2x4gb 1600mhz ram
bitfenix merc beta case
corsair gt 90gb ssd
wd 320gb 5400rpm hdd

So im gonna buy:
Corsair H100 to overclock 4.6 - 4.8ghz
Corsair 500R case
A graphics card

Now im thinking if i should get a 670/680 or 7970. Also, will corsair 850W psu be enough for any of these cards or for future SLI/XFIRE ?
Im using a 1080p monitor and a 19" next to it with a reso of 1280x1024.

Also, should I get an extra 8gb of ram ? Should I get an extra SSD to install all my games and programs onto it. (currently i have an ssd for windows and a few games but no programs)? Should I put the H100 in push/pull or will it interrupt the ram or anything ?
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  1. 850 watt will easily be enough for all of those cards in SLI/Crossfire.

    16 GB of RAM would be pretty useless, but extra SSD will really be noticeable upgrade.
  2. what about gpu ?
    should i go with 670/680 or 7970 ?
  3. If you can afford a GTX 680, that's a fastest single GPU card in the world. You should definitely go with it.
  4. i could afford it yep, should i go with that then ? i want to do dual 1080p monitors in the future
  5. Yes, you should :).
  6. but ive heard, that 7970 is better and overclocks better, ive also heard it supports dual/triple monitors better at higher resolutions.
  7. It's not better for sure :lol:

    First of all, it overclocks good, but so does GTX 680.

    Secondly, it might scale a bit better with triple monitors, but it's a pain to set it up: you need display port adapters with HD 7970, and with GTX 680 you just plug it and it works.

    Thirdly, by going with nvidia, you get many nice features: TXAA, FXAA, PhysX and Adaptive VSync. Their 3D vision is much better than AMD version as well.

    You can read this review:,3161.html
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