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Hello Everyone =D

I have came to ask you guys for your opinion towards my computer build I have worked on for a while now.
I do not plan on building this for a while. This is just a rough idea of what I have down.
I would say the max to my budget for now would be 1500 but can go a little over. I will pretty much be using this for Gaming and Movies. OS does not need to be included for price since I can get a copy for free. I live in Gresham, OR
and I would like to stick to an Intel based system. As far as overclocking.. I am not too sure, I do not know what all is needed or if it is something I need. Same goes for CrossFire and SLI. Not sure about what Resolution ill be at.

My goal is to run most games at High or Max. Have a good looking PC that is also color the same color to a degree.

Here is my PC Build Excel table:

Sorry if it is hard to see. feel free to ask for clarification.

Would just like to know if anything is wrong with my build or if there are some changes that could be made for the better.

Thanks in Advance!
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  1. i am going to ask for clarification, please spell that in english
  2. Which part?
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